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Technologies are constantly advancing, and the software development field is evolving at a rapid pace. To create cutting-edge products, it is essential to leverage the latest tools and methodologies. We offer unique and powerful solutions based on innovation and the latest industry trends

Development of applications on React JS at URBSoft

React JS — this is an open-source JavaScript library used for developing user interfaces in both complex applications and high-traffic single-page programs

React JS experiencing significant demand among startups and global industry leaders

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    This tool enables the development of applications known for their high performance and scalability

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    URBSoft develops React JS applications for businesses of various scales. We discover interesting and effective solutions tailored to your needs and goals


Powerful and fast interfaces

We create dynamic and interactive interfaces with a user-centric approach. A beautiful, well-thought-out interface should also be convenient and understandable. Our experts make complex systems accessible to everyone

Why React JS?

  • This tool is suitable for projects of various scales. Components are a key concept in React JS. They are individual blocks of code responsible for displaying a specific element of the user interface
  • React JS provides opportunities for scaling and efficiently reusing components, as well as integrating with other libraries and frameworks


First, we analyze the requirements, tasks, and goals of the business. We assess whether the software has complex business logic, what additional features it has, etc. The specifics of the project determine what functionality needs to be created and what set of tools needs to be used.

Projects of various sizes use several programming languages, involve different technologies, frameworks, third-party integrations, etc. This is a complex, integrated process, each stage of which must be performed consistently and in strict compliance with all requirements.


Creating a quality product is impossible without a thorough analysis of the market and target audience at the initial stage. We create applications for people, so we understand how important it is to understand all the pains of the end user and offer effective solutions. Our team works on your idea, identifies and evaluates potential risks and areas for improvement.

We research potential customers, find out what their main problem is, and determine what functionality can help solve it. This way, we find the best solutions that meet your business goals, wishes, and requirements.

Benefits of developing with React JS


Improved performance

Due to the use of the virtual DOM for efficient change management and minimizing manipulations with the real DOM, component-based architecture


Component-based architecture


A wide variety of libraries and tools


One-way data flow simplifies tracking and managing the application state


Extensive community and a significant number of resources, libraries, and development tools


React JS - actively used in the development of web applications and mobile applications. This tool optimizes the process of interface creation by minimizing code. Individual elements, used as building blocks, can be reused

We offer application development services for various platforms from scratch, using React JS

We ensure continuous communication with the client throughout the entire development process. Clear planning, control at every stage of product creation, regular reports on results - integral components of the iterative development methodology

High efficiency

Simplified coding

Availability of a script for iOS and Android development

Easy updating and data transfer between components

Reactive interfaces and SEO optimization

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Development process

We guarantee continuous communication with the client throughout the development process. Clear planning, control at each stage of product creation, regular reports on results – integral components of iterative development methodology

Collection and analysis of key requirements, tasks, and goals
Determination of future functionality
Testing and bug fixing
Continued maintenance and support

Choosing URBSoft, you will receive

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We carefully plan all processes, based on your vision, needs, budget, and timeline

We are a team of experienced professionals with significant expertise in mobile development. Various experts will be involved in working on your project, allowing us to handle development from scratch - from the idea to a successful release

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URBSoft creates products that impress with powerful functionality and stylish design, opening up new possibilities for your business.



Fixed price per project. We work together to create a technical task, thoroughly describe the functions of the future product, and create a document that guides the entire development process. This format is ideal for small projects where a quick result is needed.


Fixed price per specialist's work hour. Step by step, we expand the functionality and scope of the project. This flexible approach allows for quick changes to the technical task without extra costs. During the work process, the client can change priorities and start with a minimal budget for development.



URBSoft offers a full range of software development services - from concept and prototype to implementation and further support. Our team creates high-quality and functional products based on current trends and technologies, aesthetics, and marketing objectives

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How much does website development cost?

The cost of website development depends on several important factors, including the complexity of the project's design, the number of pages, functionality and additional features, design adaptability, content creation, graphics, specific client requirements, and more. Additionally, the number of specialists involved, their experience, and professionalism also impact the final price. The cost can be determined after discussing project details with the development team

How long does the development process take?

The development timeline for any product directly depends on the complexity of the project. The more features involved, the more complex and, consequently, longer the process becomes. Project size and complexity, the technologies employed, team composition, and the level of automation also impact the duration of the development cycle. It's important to note that even after release, ongoing updates and improvements are necessary. Development time can be shortened through the use of Agile and DevOps methodologies as well as a high level of automation in development and testing. In general, the development process can range from a few weeks to several years

Where to start?

First and foremost, it is necessary to select a team of experienced professionals with a high level of expertise. Next comes a thorough analysis of the main requirements and expectations for the final product, market research, competitor analysis, and understanding the target audience, as well as forming key tasks and objectives. In the initial stages, it is essential to allocate sufficient time for process planning, including defining scope, timelines, budget, and necessary resources, as well as choosing a development methodology. It's crucial to consider risks and optimization opportunities. The following technical stages include prototyping, approval, actual development, and testing

What technologies are being used?

Flutter app development, Python, Node.JS, React, PHP.

Is there technical support available?

Yes, you can always reach out to us with any questions regarding your product.


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